Seeking water for the drought


NSW is in 100% drought.

The Sikh Community of Australia in collaboration with the Australian Horizons Foundation is leading the charge once again to help our Mates in the bush doing it tough.

We plan to deliver drinking water to farmers across three town (TBC) Narrabri, Walgett and Coonamble via 8-10 semi tankers.

Dates to be announced soon
Oct-Nov 2018

Trucks will depart Sydney and Brisbane to meet at Narrabri NSW

An early Xmas Toy drive for kids in collaboration with local charities and church groups will also be planned.

Come on our fellow Aussies from all backgrounds, let’s show we care about our farmers.

You can get involved by holding a fundraiser or toy collection for us at your church or sports club.

We are seeking business sponsors.

Fundraiser dinners will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in partnership with our interstate partners. 

Any person or organisation authorised to fund raise on our behalf will have proper paperwork upon successful registration.

Please contact one of the co coordinators below for more information.

All monetary donations will be 100% tax deductible

Amar Singh (NSW)
Transport, Fundraising and Sponsorship
Turbans 4 Australia INC.
0432 017 000

Anita Donlon
Marketing Director
Australian Horizons Foundation
0407 343 920

Garry Singh (QLD)
Brisbane Transport Coordinator
Turbans 4 Australia INC.
‭0449 974 001‬

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