Can you help us be the glue to our rural families and communities....please?

This is a call out to every Australian who wants to help our farmers,

their families and our small towns.

The Australian Horizons Foundation asks each and every Australian to dig deep for their mates in the bush, just like many have donated for feed for starving cattle.

On Farm Visits, water and rural education are just some of the projects that need to roll out across our rural communities to ensure that our mates in the bush stay on the land and ride out the drought.

We ask you to take a moment and place yourself into the shoes of a rural family.

In order for us to deliver on our mission to help communities in rural and remote Australia we need to all band together and make it happen.

The foundation operates with a volunteer board located around rural Australia who have firsthand knowledge of what is needed in rural Australia.

We were started by rural Australians for Rural Australians.

We are located in the small town of Georgetown in Far North Queensland.

Please visit for more information.

These projects will ensure our communities are healthy and happy into the future.

Please help us help our mates.

On behalf of all our mates in rural and remote Australia...........


Thank you for your support and understanding as to how tough it is in rural Australia for our mates due to no fault of their own.

$50 to ....

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$100 to ....

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$500 to ....

This is explanation of what $500 can do

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